Zsolt S. Gelencser, Senior Coordinator of PI Network Hungary

Mr. Zsolt S. Gelencser is the founder and senior coordinator of PI Network Hungary. PI Network Hungary is a form of collaboration and is not an independent legal entity. A good number of individual and company-based private investigation enterprises have created this organisation to be able to provide our clients with the widest ranging and highest quality service possible over the entire territory of the country, and, if necessary, through our partners in neighbouring and other European countries. The employees of the companies that are members of PI Network Hungary are highly qualified, committed professionals, private investigators with a great deal of experience. The majority of them have served with the Police Service of the Republic of Hungary or as part of the professional staff of the civil secret service, where they became outstanding specialists in the acquisition of information. All of them have the police authority licence and ID required to carry out their activities, as well as liability insurance. All our employees are members of the Chamber of Bodyguards, Property Protection and Private Detectives, and the very best of them are also members of the Hungarian Police Science Association.

Biographical Highlights:

  • Mr. Gelencser has graduated from Police College. Firstly he completed the Criminal Faculty then he had a degree in the Public Order Faculty.
  • After serving 25 years with the Hungarian National Police Mr. Gelencser retired as a Police Lt. Colonel. During his service he was awarded with the title of Senior Police Councillor. He started his police career as a criminal investigator then became the Head of Criminal Intelligence Training Centre and finished it as a Head of Department of the Ministry of Interior.
  • Between Sept. 1995 and Sept. 1996. Mr. Gelencser served with the Multinational Force and Observers (Sinai, Egypt) as Shift Commander of Force Military Police Unit.
  • In 1999, Mr. Gelencser attended as an observer the National Undercover Training and Assesment Course organized by the UK Metropolitan Police Service.
  • In 2006, he started his private practice in Private investigations and intelligence services in Budapest.


  • World Association of Detectives
  • Investigations Worldwide Association
  • Hungarian Chamber of Bodyguards, Property Protection and Private Detectives
  • Hungarian Police Science Association